Who We Are


Mahalo Banking’s Mission

The solution you need for the members you serve!

We are Mahalo Technologies — a Michigan-based mobile and online banking partner for credit unions. Driven by service to the credit union industry, we offer Mahalo Banking as a platform designed and built on superior architecture.

With deep integration into credit union cores, we provide robust and secure feature sets across all delivery platforms for a true Omni-Experience.

Mahalo Banking is price competitive to help all asset-size credit unions gain a technological advantage to retain and grow their membership.


OUR Values

To advance the state of digital banking service and technology for credit unions.


Financial systems need to be secure. Adhering to cybersecurity and encryption best practices is priority number one.


To foster lasting relationships with our partners, transparency is key. We'll give good news, we'll give bad news, but there won't be surprises.


We examine existing practices and challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of ingenuity. This allows us to create things that are continuously improving.


Plan, try, learn, repeat. Embracing the feedback loop results in resilience, responsiveness, and adaptability in a constantly shifting market.


People expect modern, quality, and intuitive digital experiences when interacting with mobile apps and websites. Mahalo is here to raise the bar for credit unions.


No one knows your members better than you. Working closely together ensures everyone's success.


We embrace diversity and inclusion. Mahalo is committed to promoting an environment where all partners and members of our team know they will be respected and heard.


Why the turtle?

Like a turtle's shell, we carry our values with us wherever we go and in whatever we do. Our values are always on display. Our software, service, and partnerships are strategically built on our values for strength and longevity.


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Service Driven Digital Banking to help you grow and retain your membership!


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Our team 

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Jim Stickley

President and CEO

Jim is the founder of Stickley on Security and former co-founder of TraceSecurity Inc. He can be seen throughout the United States where he serves as an entertaining speaker covering topics that range from basic identity theft to national cyber terrorism. As our security advisor, robust cybersecurity technology is at the forefront of our architecture.

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Denny Howell

Chief Operating Officer

Denny's passion for the credit union movement, its dedicated staff, and valued members shines through his innovative leadership at Mahalo. With over two decades of experience within the credit union sphere, he excels in connecting the back office, the front office, and the membership, forging a harmonious relationship. This extensive journey has endowed him with profound insights into the intricacies of the credit union industry, the intricate workings of credit union cores, and their pivotal role for credit union staff and members. Denny's passion and wealth of experience converge to create exceptional and intrinsically gratifying experiences across our digital solutions

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Daniel Domek

Chief Technology Officer

In his role as CTO, Dan spearheaded our visionary approach to architecture, underpinned by scalability and component-based design principles. As our in-house authority on Corelation's core, ATM and credit card systems, and digital best practices, Dan's expertise stems from invaluable experiences gained at Michigan Credit Unions. His unwavering dedication to optimizing performance, enhancing scalability, and improving usability serves as a catalyst, inspiring our team to drive groundbreaking innovation in the realm of digital banking software.

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Amanda Terreault

VP of Implementations

Amanda brings to Mahalo experience in project management, quality assurance, and software delivery. As an IT contractor, she collaborated on Agile software teams to deliver quality software that users trust and value. Her attention to detail, compassion, and servant leadership assists our team in delivering valuable software and service when you need it.

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Brittany Gonzales

VP of Operations

A Credit Union Member at heart, Brittany strives to enhance the Member and Credit Union experience by bringing efficiencies to our products and processes. Having worked both with and for Credit Unions, her goal is to achieve optimum solutions that benefit all impacted parties, while remaining a strong advocate for the integration of automation and cutting-edge technologies. She is dedicated to achieving organizational goals while continuing to focus on improvement, fostering a positive culture of learning and growth to drive team success.

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Meredith Brooks

VP of Client Engagement

Meredith possesses a wealth of experience spanning across the realms of banking, credit unions, and digital banking. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of domains, such as branch network management, member services, operations, fraud prevention, audit, project management, training, mergers and acquisitions, digital banking conversions, account management, and acting as a client advocate. Her utmost passion and unwavering commitment lie in guaranteeing the seamless and timely conversion of every credit union. Furthermore, she is dedicated to nurturing enduring partnerships and fostering collaborative efforts to realize each credit union's digital banking objectives.

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Katie Stein

Program Manager

Katie's career in the financial industry has included banks, credit unions, and the fintech space. She has worked in various areas including member service, fraud, operations, IT, project management, payments, Online Banking, and Mobile Banking. With this variety has come tremendous experience, knowledge, and a truly unique skill set. This diverse background allows Katie to do what she loves best, collaborating with the product and development teams to create quality products that exceed client expectations. 

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Jim Belcher

Software Development Manager

Jim has spent the last 15 years honing his craft as a software developer. He has spent much of his career mentoring and growing team members in different technologies and best practices. He does not restrict himself to a single type of technology as he loves experimenting with different technologies. His years of experience with a variety of business types allow him to develop software that people can use to make their lives easier.

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Gina Kovacs

VP of Sales

Gina brings a strong foundation in credit unions and expertise in relationship building. Known for cultivating trust and loyalty, and fostering long-lasting client relationships. She is committed to advancing the credit union mission through genuine connections and exceptional service.


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What does Mahalo mean?

"Mahalo" means admiration, praise, respect, gratitude, appreciation, and thanks.

Why Mahalo?

"Mahalo" means admiration, praise, respect, gratitude, appreciation, and thanks.

Why the turtle?

"Mahalo" means admiration, praise, respect, gratitude, appreciation, and thanks.

What are your values?

"Mahalo" means admiration, praise, respect, gratitude, appreciation, and thanks.

What is your mission?

"Mahalo" means admiration, praise, respect, gratitude, appreciation, and thanks.


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Inside the Turtle Shell


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