Credential Assurance Technology

Tired of dealing with credential stuffing attacks? Our credit union partners don’t have to.

Credential Stuffing:

Credential stuffing is a cyber-attack method in which attackers leverage previously leaked or stolen username-password pairs to gain unauthorized access to user accounts on various online platforms. Credit unions, being repositories of financial data, are attractive targets for cybercriminals seeking to exploit compromised credentials for financial gain.

Unique Risks to Credit Unions:

Credit unions face unique risks due to the sensitive nature of the information they handle. Successful credential stuffing attacks can lead to unauthorized access to user accounts, financial fraud, and compromise the trust between credit unions and their members. The potential financial losses and reputational damage can be severe. In addition, credential stuffing attacks increase member service demand, often leading to flooded helpdesks and confused and angry members.

Bypassing Captchas: A Chink in the Armor:

To fight back, many digital banking solutions employee Captchas which require an individual to confirm they are not a robot. This feature is often seen as an annoyance to members attempting to login to their accounts which leads to a bad member experience. In addition, attackers have developed advanced methods to bypass captchas using automated tools. This renders traditional captcha mechanisms less effective in preventing automated login attempts during credential stuffing attacks.

AI-Powered Attacks: Beyond Traditional Bot Detection:

Another option deployed by digital banking solutions is known as bot detection.  Traditional bot detection systems rely on rule-based approaches to identify and block malicious bot activity. However, sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms empower attackers to simulate human-like behavior, making it challenging for conventional bot detection systems to distinguish between legitimate users and malicious bots. Using new technology, it is all but impossible to detect the difference between human and bot logins.

It can be stopped:

By now, most credit unions have faced credential stuffing attacks and with this type of malicious activity on the rise, it should be assumed that the intensity and sophistication will continue to increase.  For this reason, Mahalo invested heavily into research and technology to creates a login experience that adds no new steps, challenges or other annoying obstacles but at the same time eliminates the threat of credential stuffing attacks.  What we introduced to the world is Credential Assurance Technology (CAT). This patent pending technology adds no new steps, does not relay on third party gimmick such as Captchas, can’t by bypassed with AI or even human intervention and completely eliminates the threat of credential stuffing attacks.  We want to make that very clear, using CAT makes credential stuffing impossible.  That’s it and that’s all.  

At Mahalo, we understand the nightmare your credit union faces when your members are under a credential stuffing attack and we are proud to be the first any only digital banking solution to create a solution that protects our credit union partners for these types of attacks.