What it means to be a service organization.


We're a service organization that happens to deliver software. Don't get me wrong, software is a key component of our business but it is not the point. That's why we're a service organization and not a software shop. Software is the conduit that allows us to deliver excellent service to our credit unions and, by extension, to their members. The difference may seem subtle but it impacts every aspect of how we do business.

Working in credit unions for most of our professional careers, we understand the challenges that credit unions face, especially when it comes to outside vendors. We've been in your shoes. We've made the calls to members to help solve their problems. We've worked with vendors to get things done. We've advocated for the members when the vendors wouldn't acknowledge the issue was important.

We set out to be the vendor that everyone enjoys dealing with. We answer the phone when you call. We respond to emails promptly. If your members have an issue, we have an issue. Prompt, reliable service no matter what. That's why we put service first.

It shifts the perspective on how software is delivered. With an emphasis on service rather than software, our incentive structure changes. The credit union becomes the focus, not the software. We ensure the credit union staff can do their jobs easily and our software assists them in that goal. We don't want our software to be a hindrance to their work.

Sure, it's easier for us to build features directly into our software rather than support a core specific feature set. However, if you generalize features across the core systems, some things just don't fit. It's a square peg in a round hole kind of thing. We go the extra mile to deeply integrate into these systems to let their unique features shine. It's more work, more configuration, and more development. However, it delivers better service for a credit union's specific needs. We take this approach will all third-party vendor integrations. It's just the way it should be.

It's all about making the members happy, helping the credit union serve their members easily, and providing a great experience for everyone involved. If we focus on this outcome, our direction becomes clear. In doing so, our customers become our advocates. That just makes for great business and glowing referrals.

Word of mouth is king in this industry. The only way to keep a great reputation is to put service first, and that is done through our actions and our software quality. Show, don't tell as writers say. Credit unions thrilled with our service and software become the rock that supports our business. That is the foundation that Mahalo is built upon. Service first, above all else.

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