Industrial Credit Union Selects Mahalo Banking to Drive Ongoing Innovation


TROY, Mich.--()--Mahalo Banking today announced its new partnership with Bellingham, Wash.-based Industrial Credit Union ($382M in assets). Industrial selected Mahalo’s solution to optimize integrations and deliver an exceptional digital banking experience.

Digital services are the most utilized member channels at Industrial, prompting the credit union to find a digital banking partner with a robust platform, technical expertise, and a vision for future advancements. Although the credit union prioritizes continuous innovation, its team faced integration challenges that hindered the expansion of its digital banking features and capabilities. By partnering with Mahalo, Industrial aims to enhance platform extensibility and drive seamless innovation. Additionally, the partnership will facilitate deeper integrations between Industrial's core provider, Corelation Keystone, and Mahalo’s solution, easing integration burdens and powering faster growth.

Dain Stevens, VP of Digital Services with Industrial, said, “We wanted a partner that was honest, led with clear, frequent communication, and was as excited as we were about collaborating around a shared vision. From the start, Mahalo brought a high level of transparency and passion to our partnership discussions. We expect working with Mahalo will help us deliver a premium digital solution and streamline the execution of continuous innovation, ensuring that our member experience stays competitive in the industry.”

Mahalo’s digital banking platform offers robust functionality to help credit unions maintain a competitive advantage, prevent fraud and deliver an optimized member-centric experience. With a team comprised of credit union industry veterans and cybersecurity experts, Mahalo understands the unique needs and challenges faced by credit unions and their members. Mahalo’s Thoughtful Banking® helps credit unions cater to a diverse membership base through pioneering neurodiverse functionality designed to optimize the user experience for members with cognitive distinctions. Mahalo also provides Credential Assurance Technology (CAT) that eliminates credential stuffing attacks to safeguard credit union operations and member data.

Stevens added, “Our team is especially excited about how our collaboration with Mahalo will enable greater platform extensibility. Creating easily accessible pathways within the platform will allow us to transform a great solution into a truly customized experience, where we can blend our visions without undue burden.”

"Ongoing innovation should be the cornerstone of any strong digital strategy, and we are delighted to support Industrial’s forward-looking member experience goals,” said Denny Howell, COO of Mahalo. “As engaging members through digital channels becomes increasingly essential, it is vital for credit unions to optimize their banking solutions to meet and exceed evolving member expectations. Our team works closely with each credit union partner to identify their unique needs, how our solution will advance the digital experience and areas where we can collaborate to implement thoughtful innovations that will satisfy members."

About Industrial Credit Union

Industrial Credit Union has been a part of Whatcom County for over 80 years. We’re dedicated to providing our members and community with the financial services they need to thrive. Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Washington state is eligible to become a member of Industrial Credit Union. Call 360-734-2043 or visit to learn more. Industrial Credit Union is federally insured by the NCUA.

About Mahalo

Mahalo Banking provides online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions. Based in Troy, Mich., the Mahalo platform is designed and built on superior architecture with deep integration to core processing, providing security and a robust feature set across all delivery channels for a true omni experience. Mahalo offers the industry’s first and only online banking solution to fully integrate comprehensive neurodiverse functionality directly into its platform. This inclusive approach allows credit unions to support and embrace all members and accommodate their unique needs.

For more information about Mahalo Banking, please visit us at, follow us on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn.

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